The Barren Empyrean


This small town lies at the northern part of the Kingdom of Valkyrja, near the Iron Mountain region. For the past year, there has been a darkness that loomed over the forest on the north side of the village and people from the village started disappearing without any explanation. The town also had to relocate after the Goblin invasion one and a half years ago which caused many deaths and destruction. Currently, there are less than 100 individuals still brave enough to live here, but everyday, the number is dwindling. The town is very poor, and the people mainly relies on farming and trading crops with the larger southern cities to survive.

The Defenders have been protecting this town along retired heroes, Thanos Mavewind and Branon Gamerus, who have been living in this town and providing the townsfolks with lodging, drinks and food at The Desolate Crusade, and finely forged weaponry at the Gamerus Forge.

The Healing hands, led by Father Alaren Maltheos has also been settled in this town and have been a beacon of hope and healing through the faith of Aetharreus, the Goddess of Light.

This town was recently attacked by a mysterious Tiefling Necromancer, Ocherus, who has been seiging the town with undead goblins, ogres and ghouls. It was this event that directly led to the creation of scouting parties, spear-headed by Thanos and Branon, in order to eliminate the ghoul nests and protect the town from further invasion.

The Barren Empyrean

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