Graveyard and The Lost Crypts


This graveyard, located in the Abandoned Town, was the entrance to the Lost Crypt of the Defenders of Man.

The Tablet of Fate: Here lies the Heroes that have given their lives to protect the realm. Do not weep for us. Do not sing for us. But when the darkness returns, do not forget us.

This crypt was the vault for one of the Sin Stones, Ira or the Wrath Stone. The Adventuring Party had a harrowing and dangerous trek through the Trial Rooms (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) where they fought through deadly traps and elemental constructs and ultimately discovered the fate of the missing villagers and Maude Marigold, the wife of Brutus Marigold and close friend of Sonia Mavewind, in the Hall of Champions. The party battled against the reanimated corpses, skeletons and Gilford the Great, a Champion swordsman and the Ex-Captain of the Defends of Man, a group of elite soldiers that are tasked with the mission of protecting the realm.

After nearly surviving a lengthy and ferocious battle, the party managed to defeat Gilford the Great, and recover not only the corpses of the missing villagers, but also the Wrath Stone.

It was a traumatic tragedy for the party, and they soon learned that the world is a harsh place, and not everyone can be saved.

Graveyard and The Lost Crypts

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