The Curse of the Barren Empyrean

Gambling with the Glaive

Session 64: Volatile and Viscous

The group rested for a short while before continue to explore the area.
They come across a blood trail.
A conference room; in which Sayis found a journal with two entries written Emerald noticed the magical invisible ink on the leather bound journal.
A blacksmith room; plenty of anvils and crates full of fake darksteel swords.
Then they follow the blood trail to a room with metal gate. The room has blood splatter everywhere. They opened the door. Emerald put a sword in the doorway to make sure the door won’t slam shut.
Gerlak and Rima is ahead and noticed bloody flesh blob creatures and a ten feet tall creature, probably the oni looking for its glaive.
Sayis tripped and rolled down the stairway and the creatures noticed our presence.
A battle begins.
Rima rushed to grab the Ensanguined and Emerald’s broken sword. Gerlak and Sayis handled the blob creatures and the two hellhounds summoned by the oni.
Emerald assist the group as she slowly figured out what the commotion was about.
Rima wildshaped into an eagle to pass the glaive to Gerlak.
Enraged, the oni casted a sleep spell and then a cold spell, resulting in heavily wounding the group and causing Sayis to become a frozen statue.-

Experience Points not awarded.-



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