The Curse of the Barren Empyrean

Ghastly Pursuit

Session 65: Volatile and Viscous

Erupting earth the oni and minion.
Healing spirit.
Emerald succeed in moving the door to retreat.
Gerlak picked up Sayis and ran for safety.
Counterspell the oni.
Emerald and Rima retreats.
Emerald diligently closes the doors.
Oni turn into gaseous state to move through the closed doors.
The pursuit begins.
The party arrive at beast room.
Nightfall reunites safely.
Gerlak removes glands from phase spider.
Oni arrives.
Gerlak prepares for a fight.
Nightfall is ordered to carry Sayis to safety.
Eboros eats Rima and she falls.
Emerald heals Rima.
Enter two hooded figures.
Sonia heals the group.
Harold stuns Eboros.
Sonia banishes Eboros to by more time.
The group runs for their life while updating Harold and Sonia about the circumstances.



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