Sonia Mavewind

The Half-elf Cleric


A passionate and devote acolyte of the Healing Hands.


Sonia Mavewind is the only child of Thanos Mavewind and the late Lirah Duskweave. At a very young age, Sonia seemed to have the flair for getting into trouble such as fights with the local children and causing mayhem around the Barren Empyrean, often through devious but harmless pranks such as collecting all the chickens in the town and releasing them all at once at the town square. Despite getting into such troubles, Thanos was always unable to punish her too severely due to his love for her as well as being the spitting image of her mother. Despite being somewhat spoiled by her father as well as her godfather, Branon Gamerus, she still had a good sense of what was right and wrong, often defending the children that were picked on and helping her elderly neighbours. The townsfolks grew to like Sonia and overlooked her mischievousness. Even though Sonia often cried softly alone at night about her mother’s absence in her life, the love she received from Thanos, Branon and the townsfolk was more than enough to keep her happy and satisfied with her childhood.

One of the people she became more attached to during her childhood was Maude Merigold, the wife of the local leatherwork merchant, since Maude worked as a caretaker at the local school and often helped children without parents or broken families. Sonia saw her as a mother figure and the time she spent with Maude helped her develop a sense of justice and compassion towards those that were less fortunate. Maude often encouraged Sonia to become somewhat of a big sister to the local orphans and children, and Sonia gladly took on the role. Sonia enjoyed her time she spent with Maude and has very high respect for her outlook on life.

When Sonia was 10 years old, her curiosity led her to a room that was kept by her father which was always off-limits for her. She discovered Thanos’ collection of weapons and armors and she picked up one of the swords with interest and began playing with it. Thanos watched silently from the archway at her young daughter dancing with the sword, her golden hair shimmering in the sunlight, and a feeling of nostalgia overcame him and he called out her name. She dropped the sword with surprise and closed her eyes, waiting for the harsh scolding from her father. Instead, Thanos walked into the room, embraced her and lifter her off her feet. Shortly after this event, Thanos began teaching Sonia the unique shield and sword fighting style that he had developed during his days as an adventurer. Sonia practiced day after day, not because she wanted to become a great swordsman, but because her father often shared with her the stories of his adventure with her mother, Lirah, when they were training. While Listening to Thanos’ tales, filled with danger, loss, excitement and triumphs, a seed began to grow inside Sonia’s heart, the seed of wanderlust.

Everything changed when the Goblin army attacked. When Sonia was 14, a seemingly endless army of goblins and ogres attacked the town with ruthless and unrelenting force. During the siege, an inevitable decision was made by the town counsellor whereby they would relocate the town south of forest. Sonia helped out many of the wounded, elderly and children out of the village, but many townsfolk were lost on that day. Despite the lives lost, Sonia still tried to maintain her optimism and helped rebuild the now-relocated town because at least she still had Thanos, Branon and Maude.

A couple months passed and a group of religious followers that called themselves the Healing Hands, led by Alaren Maltheos, came to the town and began helping the townsfolk. They quickly establish themselves as a beacon of healing and hope for the now-hopeless and despaired villagers. Sonia appreciated the Healing Hands and often went to the temporary temple that they set-up to help the wounded and the sick. Seeing her dedication and brilliance that she brought with her, Father Alaren offered her an acolyteship at the Healing Hands. Being discouraged from all that had happened during the siege and seeking a sense of purpose, Sonia quickly accepted the offer and decided to devote herself in the teaching of Aetharreus. She quickly became friends with one of the head acolytes at the temple, a gnome cleric and one of Father Alaren’s best pupils – Kyra Elvellon. Being an only child, Sonia quickly grew attached to Kyra and saw her as a big sister. Kyra also decided to take Sonia under her wing and became Sonia’s secondary mentor in the ways of the Light.

Shortly after the relocation of the town, strange disappearance started happening and despite her headstrongness, Thanos forbade her to investigate the disappearances, even when Maude had disappeared. When Kyra disappeared as well, only leaving behind cryptic messages, it was the last straw for Sonia and she decided to take it upon herself to seek out Maude, Kyra and the rest of the missing villagers. Her stubbornness was akin to her mother, and she slipped through the town gate, towards the forest under the guise of darkness, with armor that she stole from her father and the shield and sword that Branon had given to her for her 16th birthday strapped to her back. She moved swiftly and silently into the night, hoping to find Maude and Kyra before it is too late…

Sonia Mavewind

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