Guardian Naga


One of the two remaining members of the clan Syezillith, a group of Nagas that gave up their power of Rejuvenation in order to help forge the Sin Stones along with the Blackthorne family. The clan promised to look after the Avaritia Stone and Icelophe has been ever-vigilant in protecting and repelling those that may seek and use the Stone. She resides within the Temple of Baelana and has been protecting the Stone for the past 100 years from her brother Ifristus, another Naga that seeks to harness the power of the Sin Stones in order to restore his own immortality.

After the defeat of her brother, along with the help of the Adventuring Party, she entrusted the SIn Stone to the last heir of the Blackthrone Family, Harold, and is seeking to restore and protect the sanctuary that is the Marshland of Whispers from those that may unwittingly venture into this perilous bog.


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