The Curse of the Barren Empyrean

The Voice in the Bog
Rescue Mission: Thanos

The heavily obscured view in the foggy bog
A garbage monster in the swamp
The voice to uncertainty

Scouting Sam and the Search
Rescue Mission: Thanos

Continue to track for Thanos with Sam’s help
Sam found shelter underneath a giant tree
The blood at the abandoned patrol camp
Owlbears and a Giant Snake

Trapped in a Troll Camp
Rescue Mission: Thanos

Sam stuck in a troll camp
The hill of hallucinatory flowers
Three trolls with one speaks common
Shambling mound

One Found, But Another Lost
Rescue Mission: Kyra

A broken Kyra returns to town
Thanos absent with a patrol party
A furious Sonia slaps Branon

The Awakened Forefathers
Rescue Mission: Kyra

Rooms, traps, and trespassers
Flesh golem, soul orbs, and awaken ancestors

Arrival at the Ruined Tower and the dark descent
Rescue Mission: Kyra

The party hastily made their way through the lost crypt and discovered the room that was previously protected by powerful arcane magic. They found a mysterious glowing stone which revealed a hidden passage that lead to the path to the Ruined Tower. During their travels, they found a curious message that seemed to be waypoints. The party then decided to ruin the messages since they fear it might attract unwanted attention. After making their way to the Ruined Tower, the party was ambushed by a pack of Ghouls which almost cost the life of Sonia. After curing Sonia of poison, the party, through their tenacity and clever-thinking, solved the arcane mechanism that powered an arcane elevator at the top of the Tower. Seeing there is no other options, the party bravely stepped onto the arcane elevator and braced themselves for the dark descent.

Rest and Recon
Rescue Mission: Kyra

After a well deserved rest at the Desolate Crusade, the party overhears a mysterious group that were planning something sinister outside of town. Through brave, but reckless recon missions, the party were still unable to determine what the group is up to. After another desperate plea by Sonia, as well as the insight from father Alaren, the party decides to continue their quest to find and save Kyra by starting their search at the Ruined Tower.

The Exorcism of Maude

After making their way back to the village, the party finds themselves being ambushed by the mysterious hooded figure near the village gate. The goblins and ogres that the party previously fended off were ressurected and started the attack. In an unexpected turn of events, the party discovered the spirit of Maude was also summoned by the mysterious hooded man. After an emotional and physical struggle, with the aid of father Alaren, the party managed to banish Maude back to the astral Plane and protect the village from the undead horde.

The Downfall of Gilford the Great
The Aftermath

After a long and near-death battle with Gilford the Great, the Party has a grim realization for what is to come…

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