The Curse of the Barren Empyrean

Basilisks and Butterflies

Two basilisks
Sayis turned into stone
Emerald and Rima sneaked into the manor
Sonia brew the antidote for Sayis
Emerald and Sayis dispute

Three Teacups in the Cavern

Explore the cavern
The umber hulks
A cloaker

Charming the Talking Troll

Rescue Dwen
Send Sam and Dwen back to village
Defeat the troll

Villagers of the Elysian Fields

Spoke with villagers

Seeking Assistance at the Cobalt Tower

Asrath sealed the false sin stone
Requested a scry potion to search for Thanos
Asked the party to retrieve a soul bag in exchange for items

The Fall of Ifristus

The party was separated by the shatter of reality
Sonia and Rima rushed back to the temple with Ifristus close at their heels
A fight ensued
Emerald plunged her sword into Ifristus
Icelophe’s duty was complete but she remained guarding the area

Strangers in the Shadowfell

Caleb opening the portal
A pocket dimension
Shadow dragon and ghouls

Waning and Waxing Moons

Tablets of lunar phases

Entrance to the Temple of Baelana

Entrance to the Temple of Baelana
Harold passed out after opening heavily protected door

The Voice in the Bog

The heavily obscured view in the foggy bog
A garbage monster in the swamp
The voice to uncertainty


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