Rimalynne A. Elerdhen

The Half-Elf Druid


[AGE] early 20s
[HEIGHT] 160cm (5ft 3in)
[WEIGHT] 52kg (115lb)
[ALIGNMENT] Neutral Good
[APPEARANCE] Dark Hair; Light Turquoise Eyes; Fair Average Skin
[OUTFIT] Dark Crimson Cloak (embroidery of a honeysuckle and “With love, B.E” on the inside) with silver Elerdhen family crest (red deer) pin, subtly designed; Druidic Focus (kirin and deer engraved on cylinder charm made of wood and red jade); Nightfall’s Whistle (enchanted arcane canine whistle with faint inscription of unknown language with a wolf skull crest); Leather Armor with wolf skull crest

[Personality Traits]

Naldaeron Valley: The area located between two mountain ranges, including the Forest of Serenity and Lake of the White Stag. A fortified, but somewhat secluded area due to the geographic features. The flora and fauna are plentiful with a notable stable herd of deer roaming in the forest and clearings. Much of the nature here is untouched, except the structures built by House of Elerdhen to prevent destruction of trees by limiting expansion. To unbeknownst of the ignorant, this is a sacred domain of an ancient unicorn, often referred as the “white stag”—.
Lake of the White Stag: A large body of water in the middle of the valley, where a tale of a white stag prancing on the shimmering surface at the break of dawn was passed around.
The Abandoned Castle Ruins: An abandoned castle with overgrown vegetation located in the middle of the lake, but only a small part of the structure is exposed above the water surface. People usually leave the ruins alone, but once in a while curious ones would visit the castle and return with disappointment. Stories of a white stag residing in the overgrown ruins is often told to children as bedtime stories.
Forest of Serenity: Trees that surround the Lake and covers the foot of the mountain ranges makes up the forest.
House of Elerdhen: A manor house located between a lake and the bottom of a mountainside, which is relatively north of a valley.

Bethrynna Elerdhen, clothier elf mother: Beth has turquoise eyes with long blond hair with a hint of pink; and her family had taught her to carry her modest beauty with grace. Over years of practicing with various fine and expensive materials, she became a well-known clothier for nobles. Before meeting Ri’s father, Beth was diligent and ambitious, taking as many requests as she was able to handle. After falling in love, her main patron became Ri’s father. However, her relationship was not supported by her tribe, leading to the eventual separation of the couple not long after the birth of Ri out of wedlock. As Ri grew older, Beth began to shift her focus on her crafts again.
Rima grew up knowing very little about her father because her mother to speak of him while she immersed herself in work. Her mother’s strict and overprotective attitude never sit well with Rima, causing her to find escape in nature for peace and quiet. While she understands her mother loves her, Rima still questioned her place in the family or in the world. Only her mother, mentor, and Walkter would use her childhood name “Ri” to address her.
Merialeth Elnelis, circle of moon druid elf mentor: A wood elf with platinum blonde and hazel eyes, who patrols and protects the Valley, which took care of her when she was orphaned as an infant. She became a long-time family friend with the Elerdhens due to geographic proximity and shared values. She serves an ancient unicorn who roams the Valley but rarely sighted.
Rima spent about a decade of her life learning about nature and druidic powers with Merialeth. She admires her mentor’s carefree and optimistic energy, even though she has seen much throughout her long life. Her teasing and playful attitude often baffled the half-elf who always took learning as a serious matter with utmost respect, initially. Rima felt conflicted and helpless when her mother was enraged by Merialeth’s proposal to further her studies into different terrains beyond the Valley. Her mentor reluctantly respected her mother’s decision and retreated back to her duty with the land. Merialeth gave Rima her current druidic focus as a parting gift, a token of her studies and their student-mentor relationship.
Walkter Greywolph, human ranger lover: A human male with steel-blue gray hair and golden eyes has intricate inscriptions covering parts of his body; one stretching from the left chest to left shoulder blade, and the other on the right arm. His eyes and the inscriptions glow faintly crimson red when he taps into the power of the contract, Pledge of the Waning Wolf. His family serves a royal family with binding loyalty through the Pledge.
Rima’s bond with Walkter grew through the nights of dedication tending the wounds of the human and his beast. For a time afterwards, Walkter returned to the area a few times, and surprisinly their relationship developed over the years into something more. Perhaps Rima was attracted to the foreign world he belongs, so wild and exciting, or perhaps she simply fell for his handsome looks and genuine demeanor, much different from those back home, the rich and powerful. The last time Rima saw him was before he left for a mission, and, strangely, Walkter left a whistle as a keepsake as his promise, in case he doesn’t return in time because Nightfall is needed this time. Walkter never showed at the rendezvous, but Rima waited there every day for at least a year until she finally mustered up some courage to search for him.
Nightfall, direwolf companion: A steel-blue gray direwolf with a long scar stretching from the left eye to the hindquarter wears a leather armor on his missions. His golden eyes turn crimson red when Walkter exerts himself by sealing his “empathy” to tap into greater power provided by a binding contract, in which the seal is hidden —on his left paw. Despite being a prideful beast, he entrusts his life and soul to Walkter and would do anything to his bidding. The only other humanoid he accepts is Rima because she helped him when he was on the brink of death (and because of Walkter).
He is like a big teddy bear to Rima, especially when he keeps her company when Walkter can’t make his promises on time.

[Other Relationships]
Oberdonicus, ancient kirin: guardian of the valley, works with the Elerdhen family, Merialeth, and more to maintain balance
Kylromeir Elerdhen, celestial warlock elf grandfather: patriarch of Elerdhen family serving Oberdonicus
Reydon A. Urthadar Taigrilis de Riviere, biological father: originally a candidate to the heir of a royal family (white tiger family crest; known for breeding and training griffon), used to be a patron of Bethrynna, believed to be deceased


Age 0, birth
Age 6, met Merialeth and started her studies with her mentor
Age 16, studies with Merialeth ended; met Walkter (and Nightfall) and a romantic relationship began
Age 19, Walkter did not make it to rendezvous as promised
Age 20+, left home to find Walkter and Nightfall

[Rima’s Perception]
Emerald: Admires her boldness, much the opposite of myself, but too much means a little reckless, which led her into dire situations. She tends to slap crying men (Brutus and Harold). She doesn’t seem to care much when people misunderstood her, even if it’s Sonia. I’ve asked her to tell me if I misunderstood her in the future, and she promised, awkwardly. She reacted oddly when I tried explaining selfless love between a mother and child; unexpectedly, Sayis got on her bad side when we talked about her butterfly diety’s story, but she doesn’t seem like a religious person. Peculiar.
Sonia: Kind and good with children, but also stubborn and tough. She’s the moral compass in the group because she’s religious. Her father and godfather probably spoils her, seeing how she interacts with Thanos and Branon. After all those unfortunate events happening to her town and family, it’s quite admirable how she is still holding up.
Harold: Heir of Blackthorne Family with great responsibility for keeping the Sin Stones safe. First impression was a tall bald scary looking man, and now a tall handsome young man. He seems to prefer to deceive people when he doesn’t know the person yet. But once he is acquainted, he’s rather generous and helpful. Except I didn’t like it when he questioned my sanity because I saw Nightfall at the troll’s camp and hearing voices from the naga.
Sayis: Interesting combination of personality, tiefling, and paladin serving Rova. She doesn’t seem to need money or help, so she stayed to help because solving people’s problem is her purpose as Rova’s paladin. She’s oddly deceptive in speech for a paladin and can be hostile like when we were at Jadon’s. After she accidentally angered Emerald, she seemed to be dismissing when Emerald seemed to want an apology. From conversing, she seems to have an interesting childhood or when she was a teenager like Emerald.

Rimalynne A. Elerdhen

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