Rimalynne Adelred Elerdhen

The Half-Elf Druid


[SUBCLASS] Circle of the Moon


  • Strength 4 (-3)
  • Dexterity 15 (+2)
  • Constitution 18 (+4)
  • Intelligence 16 (+3)
  • Wisdom 20 (+5)
  • Charisma 14 (+2)

[SPEED] 30 +10ft


  • Dagger +4 to hit; 1d4 piercing +2
  • Elven Whip of Thorns +4 to hit; 1d4 slashing; target takes an additional 2d4 dmg if hit. You may choose to grapple instead of extra 2d4 dmg.
  • Ring of the Moon [attunement]

[ALIGNMENT] Neutral Good
[AGE] early 20s
[HEIGHT] 160cm (5ft 3in)
[WEIGHT] 52kg (115lb)


“On a chilling morning, the last red leaf on a delicate branch of an old gnarly tree quietly descended to the forest floor as the gentle breeze cushioned it’s fall. Deep in the seemingly silent forest and far from the boisterous human civilization, a faint cry of an infant girl ringed the icy atmosphere as the newborn gasped for the very first breath. An Elven mother soothed the whimpering newborn by cradling the tiny life in her bosom. As the mother gazed into the bundle of velvet with a smile faintly etched on a stern face, a strand of pinkish-blonde long silky hair draped over the newborn’s face.”

Born as a half-elf, Rimalynne is an illegitimate child between a human father, Adelred Royarus, and an Elven mother, Bethrynna Elerdhen. The half-elf was born out of wedlock; even though Adelred and Bethrynna had exchanged words for marriage in private, the couple was never fully acknowledged in either family.
Bethrynna is a High Elf, specifically a moon elf, with pink-blonde hair, turquoise-green eyes, and alabaster skin. Adelred is a human from a noble family-with raven-black hair, steely-gray eyes, and fair skin. Naturally, Rimalynne inherited her father’s fair skin and raven-black hair, but she has her mother’s turquoise-green eyes.

Rima grew up with her mother in the Elerdhen Clan, while her father was clearly absent throughout her childhood. Her mother spoke little of her father when she asked for details and often redirect her attention to the crafts she may be working on. After a few failed attempts to extract stories of her father from her mother, Rima decided to pry no further as she sensed a hint of pain that glimmered softly in her mother’s glassy eyes. The only story Rima was told was of the golden days of her mother years before she conceived Rima in her womb.
Years ago when Bethrynna was younger and just reached adulthood, the budding moon elf was a talented artist, and her name was well sought after by the royals and the wealthy as her craftsmanship was prized in the high society of the human kingdom thriving nearby. Although she enjoys the peace that painting offers to her passionate soul, her clients were more captivated by the fine details she weaves onto clothing and the intricate intertwining pattern she composes onto head pieces. While Bethrynna described each art meaningful piece with great care, occasional digressions that were scattered throughout the years Rima spent listening to her tales allowed Rima to piece together a little of her father; he was one of her mother’s patrons. As for the other details, Rima chose not to ask and none of the Elderhen Clan knew much of the couple’s tale.
The only fact that Rima has confidence in is her mother’s love for her father was strong because her middle name is the proof of such yearning feeling. She can only deduce that a strong emotion must be attached to her mother’s choice of keeping her father’s name as her middle name. Perhaps the gesture is a remembrance of a past love, or perhaps it is a reminder of her half-elf identity. Whatever the reason may be, Rima was certain there is or at least was a strong emotional connection between the two.

Rima’s early life was comfortable as the Elerdhen family has a long standing stable business of Elvish artistry with nearby Kingdoms. However, the material comforts during her upbringing did not overcome her longing for a certain warmth. Living in an Elven family and masking her blood with an Elvish name, she never really felt she fully belonged to the community she dwell in.
Although the clan was friendly and appeared to accept her, Rima felt more emotionally secure in the neighboring woods and the household garden. She spent majority of her time there caring for plants, reading several books, and honing her artistic talents she acquired from her mother. Her occasional encounters with wounded and distraught beasts allowed her to extend her kindness by tending the physical wounds and mental distress of her unexpected patients. From time to time, certain beasts would visit her spontaneously, perhaps as a gesture of gratitude. These unanticipated reunions are sweet memories and tokens of acceptance.

The Elerdhen family noticed Rima’s inclination towards the garden and the woods, so she was soon appointed to care for the garden plants. In order to assist her ability with the woods, garden, and plants, her mother introduced a female Elven druid to her at an early age of six years old and her druid mentor continued to be part of her life for the following decade. During the ten years, Rima’s life was simple as she juggled her time between the woods with her mentor, the clan life with her mother, and the garden with her personal endeavors.
Learning about the plants and animals with her mentor allowed Rima to take a break from the brewing drama among her clan members. While Bethrynna was the one who brought the druid to her daughter, she grew uneasy over the years as Rima seemed to enjoyed spending more time in the woods than by her side. Around the time Rima turned sixteen, her druid mentor felt the need to train her student to conquer the water, even though the teenager’s life rarely cross paths with large bodies of water. Unfortunately, the idea of a training retreat near water for consecutive days appeared seemingly dangerous to Bethrynna; an argument ensued between the mentor and the mother. The clash between to influential persons in Rima’s life result in the mother sending the mentor away, which prevented Rima from seeing her again.

Around the time when the tension between Rima’s mother and mentor gradually grew, the naive young girl had the most memorable encounter in the first two decades of her years while living in the comforts of a well protected home.
On one early morning, a refreshing breeze lightly brushed through Rima’s raven-black hair as she quietly sat under a tree with a hefty book on her lap. The birds chirped in harmony, creating a calm but steady background music as the forest slowly awaken to the growing energy emitted from the ascending sun. It was one of those typical mornings when Rima wanted to escape the house before any pair of eyes could catch her. Most of her Elven kin were not out and about around this time, even her own mother preferred to stay in until the sunlight seeped through the curtains.
While Rima was turning the pages in front of her, the singing from the branches above and around her seemed to have ceased without her notice.

Rimalynne Adelred Elerdhen

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