The Curse of the Barren Empyrean

Teleportation Circle in Fredrick's Cellar

Rescue Mission: Thanos

Emerald and Sayis continued their investigation down to the cellar at Freidrick’s.
The duo visited the shepherds and tried to investigate their issue. Sayis spoke with a sheep and Max to learn that a person with gunpowder and children were involved. The investigation ended with Emerald performing a song and one happy audience, Alina the neighbor.
They slept in the magical tiny hut for the rest of the night.

As evening approaches, Sonia and Sam safely arrived at the gates of Barren Empyrean. Branon and Captain Malice greeted the trio at the entrance. Rima followed Sonia and Branon into the Desolate Crusade and found Harold waiting in one of the rooms upstairs. After hastily telling Harold what had happened, Rima left Harold with Sonia at the inn, while she rushed to the temple to find Father Aleren to learn about hags, conduit, twig, and the jar. Still unsatisfied, Rima researched on hags in the library and then headed back.
The three left the town late at night with two on horseback and one as a giant elk.

Sonia and Rima returned to the village with Harold as dawn approaches. With the five finally reunited, they continued their investigation after exchanging information. They returned to Fredrick’s cellar and learned about the teleportation circle.



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