The Curse of the Barren Empyrean


Rescue Mission: Thanos

The entourage returned to the Elysian Fields, while Domo left to serve his patron. They had a long talk with Alice and persuaded her to help on their mission to rescue Thanos. Alice parted to make preparations, while the entourage visited Inna and Lynne’s place as well as Osmar’s place. Then Sonia, Sam, and Rima headed back to Barren Empyrean, while Emerald and Sayis visited Fredrick’s place.

With Domo’s help the entourage returned to the lake near the Elysian Fields. All fell into the water far from ashore, except for the levitating warlock. All arrived at the shore safely, including Rima as an otter. Before they returned to the village, the atmosphere cracked open and large green tentacles bid for the hooded tiefling as he is obliged to pay his dues to his patron. The tentacles wrapped around Domo as he disappeared into the darkness of the disappearing fracture.
Upon arrival of the Elysian Fields, Edgar and Clemens were having a dispute, while Osmar asked them to discuss the issue at his place. Alice was a part of the watching crowd, and the entourage asked for her time after they fetch Sam from Dwen. The otter stayed with Alice while Emerald, Sayis, and Sonia went to retrieve Sam.
After regrouping, Emerald cast Tiny Hut to provide privacy while the group spoke with Alice. The group persuaded Alice to help with rescuing Thanos and the children. They decided to meet up one and a half day later after some preparation.
They visited Inna and Lynne’s place and found a fortified cell with inscriptions. The jar in Sayis’ bag was vibrating violently until it touched Emerald in the cell. Next they visited Osmar, who gave them a strange looking twig with arcane magic. The twig was found on Fredrick’s cellar door by Brianna.After visiting the two places, Sonia and Sam head back to town on a giant elk, Rima, while Emerald and Sayis continued their investigation at Fredrick’s place.
The two approached Fredrick’s place and persuaded Brianna of their intentions. However, to much of the diad’s dismay, Fredrick’s place was filled with traps, which kept the goods safe behind the walls. Despite much difficulties, the two was able to obtain useful items from the investigation.



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