The Curse of the Barren Empyrean

Onward to Vyre

Spoke with Yenfire
Agreed to investigate the death of Hollow Band new recruits: 2 dead, 1 missing
Is the Vale related to the deaths?
What is the relation between Meeks of Midnight and the Vale?
Bought horse gear
Sold items at a magic shop
Alistra showed us Meeks of Midnight

Onward to Vyre
A Stroll in the City
Onward to Vyre

Looked for Alistra at The Hollow Band
Xavanna processing through the paper work
Applications for the guild and applications for the Great Hunt
Lunch and tiramisu
Coral’s shop, Apparel & Jewelry, to trade jewelry
Xavier’s shop, The Attic, to sell odd items
Return to Llama’s Lament
Alistra speaking to the innkeeper

Venturing to Vyre
Onward to Vyre

The teenager, the adolescent, and adult rode horses to Vyre with Harold

Vengeance on Vaedril
Return to the Barren Empyrean

The shambling mound attacks
Beacon of orange light
Light blue glow of the water
Escape the shambling mound
Vines withered

Rode back to town
Visit the inn
Spoke with Sonia and Harold
Visited Thanos at the temple
Father Alaren and Archbishop and the Jar
Vaedril and the guards
Branon and Emerald
Return to inn for rest

The Crossing Over
Rescue Mission: Alice

Final battle with Elewen.
Three children.
Ursula and Lucile tries to stop Elewen.
Elewen succeed in moving through the portal.
Alice dead after ritual.

The Trail to Terror
Rescue Mission: Alice

The burning bodies of the hags seems to be made of seaweed.

Sayis swiftly found the two black horses. Sonia and Thanos carried Harold back to Barren Empyrean on horse back. Sayis, Emerald, and Rima took a short rest to regroup before heading off to the hag’s manor.

The three descended into the depth of the cavern and used the mysterious orb to jump through the portal unharmed. They moved along in the direction of the manor.

Upon opening the door, Augustine, Jay, and Sunny invited the guests in and asked them to be seated. Sayis and Emerald swiftly knocked the children unconscious, while Rima took out rope to tie them up. The children were secured and hidden away next to the manor under a cloaker hide.

The three continued to look for Alice. They approached the stairs and Sayis beautifully disabled the trap by tossing a pebble that Rima wanted to use. Despite the precaution, the repercussion from triggering the trap shot the pebble right back into Rima’s forehead.

The bedrooms upstairs seemed untouched, but the ladies in the paintings of Ursula and Lucille looked much older than Emerald remembered. Then they noticed the disappearing wrinkles on Ursula’s face the longer they stared at the portrait.

Throughout the path towards the door at the end of the hall, the party had removed multiple eyeballs. Standing in front of the last unopened door, humming voices seeped through the wood. Emerald cleverly detected multiple minds beyond the door with her “detect thought”. Finally Sayis bravely slid open the door and two charging children tried to stab her unsuccessfully.

The to the party’s dismay, the sight before them brought unspeakable dread into the depths of their heart. Children wearing metal collars tethered by chains that reaches into the dark rob that seemed to be draping over the silhouette of a hag. The limp body that lies beyond the hideous form appears to be Alice. The humming had turned into ominous chanting, reverberating with what seems like an alter.

Ursula Usurp the Exchange
Rescue Mission: Thanos

Created bombs. Bought goat. Sacrifice to send message through teleportation circle. Ambush team prepare at site. Trade team rests. Towards midnight. Trade team arrives at exchange site. Ursula arrives with Thanos. Verbal conflict. Elewen and Lucille arrive at midnight. Verbal conflict ensues as Sonia trades for Thanos. Fight broke out. Lucille and Ursula fell to the ground. Elewen captures Alice and escapes. Loot bodies.

Another Talk in the Tiny Hut
Rescue Mission: Thanos

Emerald hurriedly rushed out of the cellar after giving the key to Sayis and the bone to Rima, saying she had to go check on something. Emerald went around the village to interview several villagers to clarify what happened to these people and children.
Sayis and Rima visited Brianna to ask for some supplies and information. They received a paralysis potion and antidotes with Sayis’ financial support. Brianna also offered a healing potion and asked them to return later for other potions as they need some time to procure.
Sonia and Harold remained at the cellar to study the teleportation circle.

As the sun reaches midday, Emerald reunited with Sayis and Rima at the orphanage, where Alice was wating. Upon revealing that the conduit coins are harmful to the children, Alice searched through the children’s belongings and found three coins.
While Rima explained to Alice about how to help the children affect by the coins, Emerald went to Fredrick’s to find Sonia and Harold. They were not in the cellar anymore when Emerald reached the house. Instead, they were near the furnace as Harold was showing Sonia about the black powder, suggesting to the two teenagers that they may be able to create a make-shift bomb out of the powder.

Eventually the group are reunited and had a long talk in Emerald’s tiny hut next to the orphanage. A lot of strategic planning and decisions needs to be made because the hags are not to be trusted in this dirty deal.

Teleportation Circle in Fredrick's Cellar
Rescue Mission: Thanos

Emerald and Sayis continued their investigation down to the cellar at Freidrick’s.
The duo visited the shepherds and tried to investigate their issue. Sayis spoke with a sheep and Max to learn that a person with gunpowder and children were involved. The investigation ended with Emerald performing a song and one happy audience, Alina the neighbor.
They slept in the magical tiny hut for the rest of the night.

As evening approaches, Sonia and Sam safely arrived at the gates of Barren Empyrean. Branon and Captain Malice greeted the trio at the entrance. Rima followed Sonia and Branon into the Desolate Crusade and found Harold waiting in one of the rooms upstairs. After hastily telling Harold what had happened, Rima left Harold with Sonia at the inn, while she rushed to the temple to find Father Aleren to learn about hags, conduit, twig, and the jar. Still unsatisfied, Rima researched on hags in the library and then headed back.
The three left the town late at night with two on horseback and one as a giant elk.

Sonia and Rima returned to the village with Harold as dawn approaches. With the five finally reunited, they continued their investigation after exchanging information. They returned to Fredrick’s cellar and learned about the teleportation circle.


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